Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trigger Warning times eleventy billion.

Let's start here. Then go here. Then consider the fact that even the Bible seems to think that not saying no is the same as saying yes and that only ultra-sodomized Christian virgins are really rape victims.

So, yeah...I don't stand with Naomi Wolf.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

OFFENSIVENESS ALERT!!!! (With linktastic goodness!)

Help! We're being oppressed!!!

On another note, how about that orgiastic revelry?

My problem is NOT what you believe. That's your business. But when you say antagonistic things based on your beliefs, you're MAKING it other people's business. And when people defend themselves against your hurtful words and express their own opinions, accusing them of attacking you really doesn't make things better. If you're out for a walk, minding your own affairs, and a bear jumps out of the bushes and attacks you, I will feel really bad for you. But if you walk up to a grizzly and start poking it with a stick, I will feel justified in laughing when it eats your face.

Also, religious folk of all stripes need to walk their talk or stop talking. I'm hugely in favour of a personal, liberal, non-dogmatic interpretation of any faith system. However, you don't get to preach dogma on one account and suddenly pretend religious legalism isn't important on another. Consistency, folks. If legalism and dogma are oppressive, silly and unnecessary, that holds true across the board.