Thursday, May 29, 2008


I recently had this conversation with my doctor...

Doctor (looking at test results):
Wow, you're getting much healthier. In fact, you've been steadily improving for a few months now.

Me: Yay!! When did that start?

Doc: Early to mid January, I'd say. Did you make any significant changes around that time?

Me: Ummm, well, I switched departments at work. Otherwise, not that I can think of.

Doc: And I'm guessing that was a change for the better?

Me: How did you guess?

Doc: Well, starting in the fall, your blood tests and exams were showing progressively worse results. That peaked around December, which was when you had those fainting spells, and those strange allergic reaction type rashes started. Then early in January, you started to show a marked improvement, and now you're almost back to where you were at the beginning of last summer, health-wise. Since we never really found a physical explanation for those fainting spells and rashes, I'd say it was related to stress. Now, I'd hate to jump to any conclusions about your personal life, but it seems to me that something in your life, which you got rid of or away from in early January, was making you physically ill. To the point that it was endangering your life. Just something to think about.

Me: Well, that's interesting.


Today was good. I've had a good run recently, as far as the whole insanity thing goes. There were a couple of bad days last week, when it took every ounce of willpower I had to even get out of bed, and it felt like I'd never stop crying. But mostly the meds seem to be working.

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