Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About that whole abortion thing...

I was going to say something articulate and wordy and brilliant, but I'm too fucking tired and heartbroken after everything I've read lately. So I'll just say this: anti-choice is anti-woman. There's no way around it anymore. Even if we leave out "minor" reasons for choosing abortion and focus only on keeping women alive,  this is a medical procedure that must be legal and available. I am so blessed to live in Canada, but I die a little every time I read about what women in America are facing right now.

Seriously, the US government is currently looking at a bill that would not only further restrict abortion in most situations, but would allow doctors the legal power to use their personal morals to decide whether a woman lives or dies. If an abortion will save her life but the doctor thinks abortion is wrong, under this law they could refuse to perform the procedure or refer the patient to someone who would-and there would be no consequences for them. If a woman presents with a tubal pregnancy which will kill her within days or hours, the doctor can shoot her up with morphine for the pain and let her die on the fucking table. If she has congestive heart failure that will kill her within weeks, he can send her home to die in front of her family, including any living children. If she has kidney failure that will kill her within the year, he can wash his hands of the whole situation and leave the woman to give birth to a baby that will grow up without a mother.

You know what, fuck your conscience clauses. Whose conscience, the conscience of the Judeo-Christian men who will never be pregnant?

Separation of church and state my ass. Dying to bring new life into the world is great if that's what you want to do. And it helps if your existing, breathing children will be well cared for in your absence. What about someone who has no other family, whose children would be given up to the state and an uncertain future? And who's going to explain to the hypothetical other children that their mother cared more about her religious ideals than about caring for them for the rest of their lives? If you CHOOSE to sacrifice yourself for your fetus, I respect that. I also respect the CHOICE to sacrifice that fetus for the family you already have.

Here's the thing. I think that  life is sacred, and the hearts and minds we were given by our creator are there for a reason. We can make these choices. Motherhood and pregnancy can be sacred, and that's why I don't believe they should be forced on anyone. Would you tie someone down and pour sacramental wine down their throat? Then why force someone to go through an unwanted pregnancy?

It's been said many times, if you're against abortion, don't have one. No one is out here trying to legislate that you HAVE to terminate a pregnancy that will cause inconvenience, health problems or death. Like I said, that's your choice. Legislating morality is just not ok.

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