Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Am Uneducated!!

Dear Friend of Chris' With Whom I Argued on Facebook,

I understand that you have Important Opinions, which you gained while Studying! For Four Years! To obtain A Degree! Good for you.

I also have Important Opinions, though since mine have only been developed through Living In The Current Society, Being Conscious Of My Experiences, and occasionally Reading Something, they are likely not as exciting as yours.

Also, apparently I have a Utopian Utilitarian worldview. You told me this today. As an ignorant savage-one who votes NDP no less!-I would like to thank you for teaching me about myself. If it weren't for "Realists" like you, where could I turn for Valuable Information? I am humbled by the revelation that my expectation of decent treatment for all humans is "utopian."


P.S. I apologise if this letter takes overly long to reach you. Sometimes the postal service here in my Magical Fairy Queendom is slow.

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